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Welcome to the Foundation for Monetary Studies Inc. – also known as the MMT Foundation.

The Foundation of Monetary Studies Inc. began life on April 25, 2019.

It was incorporated with the purpose of making grants to other non-profits to conduct public education around monetary systems and the capacities of the currency-issuing government within that system.

Call for financial assistance to make the MMTed Project a reality

The MMT Foundation is now in place to accept financial donations which will serve as a funding vehicle for the MMT Education project – MMTed (also known as the MMT University).

The Project requires a long-term funding stream to allow us to engage administrative support staff, pay data charges, and contract video editing and design staff (as needed).

As our commitment to equity, MMTed will off all the tuition and teaching materials (bar the texts) for free to ensure everyone can participate irrespective of personal financial circumstance.

The Foundation allows anyone to contribute in a variety of ways.

1. We have a corporate structure that allows US taxpayers to claim tax exemption for donations they give to the Foundation.

2. Our corporate structure also allows us to accept donations without a requirement that we have to disclose the identity or source of the funding. You can safely donate to the Foundation anonymously if that is your preference.

3. You can donate via the PayPal facility in the right sidebar or send cheques or transfers to us directly. We can provide a postal address (for cheques) or send details of our bank account (for transfers) on request.

Please see the legal information on the – About Page – for further details concerning our legal status.

If you would like to discuss sponsorship, please contact us at –

The Foundation is a not-for-profit venture and all funds will be used to advance the projects we support. We will prepare detailed reports for sponsors on a regular basis if requested to document the acquittals.

At present, MMTed is the only supported Project.

We prefer to have medium- to longer-term funding pledges so we can ensure sustainability of the MMTed Project. But we will be grateful for any financial support the Foundation receives.

Please help us to make this important development a reality.

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